Crowd Safety

We are committed to providing professional crowd safety for corporate, sporting, cultural and entertainment events, functions, festivals and commercial properties. Our trained security staff and management are professionals, fully licensed and Occupational Health and Safety certified.
With 261 trained security officers working for G&T Security, we have the manpower to maintain a safe environment for crowds of any size. We are compliant with the Australian Standard for Guarding and Patrols, following rules and regulations stringently for the safety of clients, patrons and security staff.
Our security staff also follow the company guidelines to provide a high standard of customer service, with a non-confrontational approach toward all parties present when monitoring crowds.
All of our security officers are trained and accredited in first aid if any health-related emergencies arise. Our officers are also taught to monitor and identify if anyone is affected by alcohol or another substance, whereby they will stop bar staff from serving them for their own safety and if necessary carefully remove them from the premises.
We supply experienced security management to direct crowd safety security and provide constant assessment of risks and OH&S issues.