Security Management

Our security management team are committed to providing superior security services for our clients and looking after the health and wellbeing of our staff.
To accomplish this, they are experts in risk management, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), the Australian Standard for Guarding and Patrols (AS 4421-1996) and the policies relating to Duty of Care.
By identifying and managing risks before they become a problem, our management can create a safer environment for security staff, clients and the general public. After identifying the risks management will then proceed to outline these risks with their security officers, so they can be monitored to avoid them escalating and becoming an issue.
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is another crucial area that is monitored by security management. A commercial, industrial or domestic site is legally required to be a safe working environment for staff, clients, patrons and the general public.
Our security management are trained to carefully assess sites and venues and highlight any dangers to their team and clients. OH&S regulations also determine that staff are required to take regular breaks, which is enforced by management for the health and wellbeing of the employee.
Risk management and OH&S are also linked to Duty of Care, whereby management has a legal responsibility to ensure that staff, clients and the general public are in a safe environment. While management is assigned a higher level of responsibility with duty of care, security officers also need to be aware of their duty of care to other parties they are working in conjunction with.
Our security management also monitors all security officers strictly, to make sure they are compliant with the Australian Standard for Guarding and Patrols. This is the benchmark for the security industry and ensures we provide a consistently high level of security.