We supply competent and professional security officers and management for a range of security services in Townsville and throughout Queensland and Australasia. Our company strictly complies with the Australian Standard for Guarding and Patrols (AS 4421-1996) and our security staff are fully licensed and Occupational Health and Safety certified.
We provide major and special event crowd safety, shopping centre security, security patrols and alarm response, gate house control, Maritime (MSIC) and static guarding.
To maintain a superior security service we incorporate regular staff audits which determine whether all of our security officers are maintaining and exceeding the Australian Standard for Guarding and Patrols (AS 4421-1996).
When supplying security services for our clients, we initially provide a detailed consultation which allows us to answer any questions our client might have. During the consultation we will also assess all information relevant to determining what type of security service or multiple services are required. This includes: site or venue information, numbers of people attending an event or venue, what type of surveillance our client would like and whether security officers are required to carry a firearm.
We offer an extensive site or venue risk assessment service and will suggest what we believe to be the most effective security solution for their requirements. After the consultation and risk assessment we provide a no obligation free quote for our services, at a competitive rate with no hidden costs.

The security services we offer include:

- Individually tailored security services
- Major and special event specialist
- Shopping centre security
- Security patrols / mobile patrols and alarm response
- Gate house control
- Maritime (MSIC) security services
- Static guarding and crowd safety
- Security management
- Investigative services
- Close personal protection / bodyguards
- Loss prevention
- Help desk
- Ensuring our duty of care to employee safety is monitored
- Employee register database to capture all employee details
- Client contract licensing requirements are monitored and maintained through the reporting system
- Environmental monitoring for data rooms
- Customer service

Additional services we offer include:

Lectures for tenants and clients on:
- Risk assessments
- OH&S in the workplace
- Investigation services
- First officer emergency response
- Corporate protection